Friends & Links


Alessandro Zomparelli Sketches of code

Andrea Rossi temporary autonomous architecture

Anna Vallgårda akav

Anna Frew blog



Chris Bamborough chrisbamborough

Craig Welsh ctw-ad

Christina Doumpioti c-dmp



Danny Richards performativeassemblies

Darryl Chen tomorrowsthoughtstoday

David Lomax theanalogueblog

David Reeves spatialslur

Dominik Strzelec echoechonoisenoise



EXIKON arc & dev exikon



Harri Lewis Blog



Lain Maxwell supermanoeuvre



Jonathan Hale bodyoftheory

Jose Sanchez Plethora-project



Marc Fornes

Martyn Amos M.Amos

Materiability blog

ManchesterMakeLab blog


Moh-architects website

Museumatic website



Nervous System Blog



Paolo Alborghetti Radical-Reaction-Ad



Responsive Design Studio blog



Sara Kristina Davies estherswill

Steve Parnell another architecture

Studies in Material Thinking SMT



Tobias Schwinn  Computational Design Sandbox

Tim Marjot protoformations

Tommaso Casucci synth[e]tech morphologies

Tom Bennett Telling Tales: The Architecture of Memory

Tristan J Morgan Blog



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