Cv & Bio

Academic CV -Jiayi Jin

Across architecture, urban, exhibition, digital technology, new media and experience design, is a research website explores the mechanisms, capacities and assemblages between space, technologies and interaction. Interested in the staging and consumption of these phenomena within critical and creative contexts, specifically the dialogue they share with emerging built environment formats with digitally augmenting technologies. Both fascinated and intrigued by the process of meaning-making cognitively, emotionally and effectively.


PhD, MArch, BArch

Jennifer Jiayi Jin is a Lecturer in the Department of Architecture and Built Environment at the Northumbria University Newcastle. She graduated in Architecture from both China and UK, got the Master of Architecture with Distinction in 2013, and gained her doctorate in Architecture from the University of Nottingham in 2017.

Her research interests include contemporary museum and exhibition design, the architectural expression of identities, and issues of narrative space and place making. Her research also focuses on the design and development of Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (Physical/Digital) spatial experiences within physical environments: indoors (design of spatial experience and whole-body interactions with objects/exhibits in heritage attractions, museums, galleries) and outdoors (urban interaction design in the city), which includes exploring participation and co-curation with the visitors/inhabitants.

Education + Qualifications

PhD Architecture
University of Nottingham

Master of Architecture (with Distinction)
University of Nottingham

Year Out Certificate, RIBA Stage 1 Course
University of Portsmouth

ARB/RIBA Part I, BA (Hons) Architecture
University of Portsmouth
Unit 6 – Francis Graves, Magnus Ström


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