Venice Biennale 2015

The Venice Biennale is one of the most important international contemporary art exhibitions. Founded in 1895 by the Italian King Umberto I and Queen Margherita de Savoia, the exhibition was originally held solely in the Padiglione Italia at the Giardini, which was renamed the Central Pavilion in 2009. Since its expansion, the Giardini also hosts an additional 30 national pavilions, built by participating countries themselves. Everyone in the art world, it seems, descends on the city for this event for the art, the schmoozing, and the chance to travel to one of the most beautiful and art historically rich sites in the world. Here’s a tip sheet on what to do when you get there.

威尼斯双年展(Venice Biennale)是一个全球最重要的当代艺术展。自1895年由意大利国王翁贝托一世(Umberto I)和王后玛格丽特德萨沃亚(Margherita de Savoia)成立,威尼斯双年展最初只有单独在绿园城堡(Giardini)的意大利馆,后来到2009年的时候才更名为主题馆(Central Pavilion)。在随后的扩张中,30个国家的国家馆也在绿园城堡(Giardini)展出,且均由这个国家负责策划自己的国家馆。艺术界中的每一个人似乎都无法抗拒这个迷人又有悠久的艺术历史的城市,被吸引到威尼斯双年展。

There will be 136 artists representing 88 national participants in the 56th edition of the exhibition. Eighty-eight artists coming from 53 different countries will show for the first time in Venice. Of the works on display, 159 are specifically fabricated for the event and have never been exhibited before.






Joan Jonas will be representing the United States this year. In the five galleries of the pavilion, the American artist will create new works, incorporating video, drawings, objects, and sound. Extending her investigation of Icelandic writer Halldor Laxness, Jonas will also look to other literary influences whose writing centers on nature and spirituality.

Joan Jonas今年代表美国馆出席。在美国馆的五个展厅中,艺术家们带来了包括影像,绘画,装置以及音乐等多媒介作品。为了表现及拓展Jonas对冰岛作家 Halldor Laxness的研究,她也将目光转向其他专注于自然本质和精神性的文学作品带来的文学性影响。

Philip Rizk, Olaf Nicolai, Hito Steyerl, and Tobias Zielony will be representing Germany. The four artists incorporate video, performance, and photography that all highlight the themes of “work,” “migration,” and “revolt”. (See Hito Steyerl’s Artists Space Show Mixes, Money, Violence, and Art and Delights The Mind).

菲利普·里兹克(Philip Rizk),奥拉夫·尼古拉(Olaf Nicolai),Hito Steyerl和Tobias Zielony今年代表德国进行展览。这四名艺术家运用影像装置,摄影以及行为艺术来共同呈现“工作,迁徙和反抗”的主题。(详情可见:Hito Steyerl’s Artists Space Show Mixes, Money, Violence, and Art and Delights The Mind)

Danh Vo will represent Denmark and he will also be curating an exhibition at Venice’s Punta della Dogana. The Danish artist produced limited edition artisanally produced bottles of tequila (see Danh Vo Brings Tequila to Venice for First Artist-Curated Punta della Dogana Exhibition).

Danh Vo代表丹麦馆参展,届时在威尼斯的海关大楼(Punta della Dogana)也会有他的展览。这位丹麦艺术家还带来了他自己制作的限量版龙舌兰。(详情可见:Danh Vo Brings Tequila to Venice for First Artist-Curated Punta della Dogana Exhibition)

The Belgium pavilion will be worth a look. Instead of focusing on nationality and its representative artist, Vincent Meessen, the space will also feature guest artists from Africa, Asia, and the Americas to explore the notions of “internationalism” and “solidarity.”

比利时馆也是非常值得一看的。除了将注意力集中在来自比利时的代表艺术家Vincent Meessen身上以外,场馆也邀请了来自非洲,亚洲和美洲的艺术家共同探索“国际主义”和“团结”的主题。

Swiss Artist Christoph Büchel with The Icelandic Art Center and the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture of Iceland will collaborate with the Muslim communities in Venice and Iceland to create the city’s first Mosque inside the Icelandic pavilion, the 10th century church of Santa Maria della Misericordia.

In conjunction with Christodoulos Panayiotou’s presentation for the Cyprus Pavilion, two performances will be staged during the opening days of the exhibition: The Parting Discourse, which will happen between the stage of the Teatro Goldoni and the Cyprus Pavilion, and Levant U-Turn, for which participants will dive into the Mediterranean. The performances will kick off a series of activations that will happen throughout the summer.

与Christodoulos Panayiotou共同代表塞浦路斯馆的是两场将在开幕式上首次上演的表演,它们是在哥尔多尼剧院和塞浦路斯馆的《The Parting Discourse》和《Levant U-Turn》。表演将从开幕式当天起贯穿整个夏天。


Front entrance of the new Australian Pavilion, at the Venice Biennale, designed by Denton Corker Marshall.
Photo: John Gollings, courtesy the Australia Council for the Arts.

This year, the Biennale will start one month before its usual open date. Australia has built a pavilion, making it the 30th national pavilion to be built in the Giardini, and the first one to be erected in the 21st century (see Australia Unveils New Venice Biennale Pavilion).

澳大利亚在绿园城堡(Giardini)建造了自己的国家馆,这也是第30个进驻绿园城堡(Giardini)的国家以及第一个于21世纪建造国家馆的国家。(详情可见:Australia Unveils New Venice Biennale Pavilion)

Curator and director, Okwui Enwezor is introducing a new section called ARENA, an interactive space within the Central Pavilion of the Giardini devoted to live programming across an array of disciplines. The centerpiece of the events in the ARENA will be a reading of Karl Marx’sDas Kapital, which will be read over the course of the seven months of the exhibition. Also happening in the space, designed by starchitect David Adjaye, will be a temporary memorial for African American musician and composer Julius Eastman created by Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc, as well as a new performance work by Olaf Nicolai inspired by the tapes of Italian composer Luigi Nono.

作为策展人兼主管的奥奎·恩威佐(Okwui Enwezor)今年带来了新的板块——“剧场(ARENA)”,其中心作品将在主题馆的互动空间里连续7个月诵读卡尔·马克思的作品《资本论》(Das Kapital)。另一个在这个区域展出的,是由新兴建筑师大卫阿贾耶(David Adjaye)设计的一个表演空间,由Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc带来了对非洲籍美国音乐家兼作曲家Julius Eastman的临时怀缅。此外,Olaf Nicolai也带来了在意大利作曲家Luigi Nono的音乐激发下创作的新的行为艺术作品。



兵工厂区(Arsenale)的前身是意大利海军的军事基地。在这里你将看到近200名没有代表本国国家馆展出的年轻艺术家的作品。今年的兵工厂展览是由策展人奥奎·恩威佐一手策划的,参展的包括艺术家Jennifer Allora与Guillermo Calzadilla(详情可见:Venice Biennale Curator Okwui Enwezor On “All the World’s Futures,” Karl Marx, and The Havana Biennial Boycott)。这个两人组合将会带来受Joseph Haydn的清唱剧(oratorio) 《起源(The Creation)》启发而创作的一系列表演。


策展人奥奎·恩威佐(Okwui Enwezor)确认,涮年展期间将会有44场周边活动伴随着今年的主题“全世界的未来(All the World’s Futures)”展开。千万别错过的是由印度艺术家Shilpa Gupta与巴基斯坦艺术家Rashid Rana携手带来的合作作品《我的东边是你的西边(My East is Your West)》,它将会在一个17世纪的意大利宫殿展出。

代表了新西兰的艺术家Simon Denny带来的是以政治权利关系为中心的雕塑装置作品,而他的作品将同时在威尼斯机场和圣马可广场图书馆(Marciana Library) 这两个地方展出。

彼得·多伊格(Peter Doig)最新创作的作品也会在Bevilacqua La Masa基金会展出。赛扬·托姆布雷(Cy Twombly)的60件绘画作品将会在当代艺术博物馆(Spazio Dom Perignon of Ca’pesaro International Gallery of Modern Art)展出,其中包括了他最后创作的4件作品。


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