Open Seminar/Workshop Session of the Almshouse Tempera Project

JONATHAN HALE ‘Unlocked-for-editing: Tools for transformation’ This talk will ask how it is possible for a designer to discover something new within the act of drawing. Typically, a half-formed idea of how a space could be reconfigured is roughly sketched out on paper using what Maurice Merleau-Ponty would describe – as he did with spoken language – as a process of ‘coherent deformation of available significations.’ By drawing on Merleau-Ponty’s analysis of what he called expressive or ‘speaking speech’, I will aim to shed some light on the creative potential of sketching as a tool for the design process. Jonathan Hale is an architect and Reader in Architectural Theory at the University of Nottingham.

DEBORAH HARTY ‘Drawing through the threshold’ Deborah Harty’s recent research is centred around the premise ‘drawing is phenomenology’: an investigation into the phenomenological potential of various drawing genres and processes. Harty will make reference to various positions being taken within this research and introduce new starting points and thresholds generated as a consequence of her engagement with the Almshouse Tempera Project. Deborah Harty is a Lecturer in Fine Art at both Loughborough University and Nottingham Trent University and a co-director of TRACEY drawing and visualisation research:


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