My experience in United Visual Artists: Momentum


On 22th of March, I visited the installation called Momentum 势量 in London with my friend Irina.

It was design by a multidisciplinary art and design studio, called United Visual Artists (UVA)–known for being a sensory manipulation maestro–created this  immersive, new installation, which transformed The Curve exhibition space at the Barbican Centre into a spatial instrument, of sorts.

The installation,includes pendulum-like pieces throughout the 90-meter-long gallery to yield an evolving composition of light, sound, and movement. The pendulums, however, are programmed to move in idiosyncratic ways, so that shadows and light surge across the room and disorient visitors in a captivating and individual manner. Every visitor’s experience in Momentum will thus be unique.

UVA commented on the project in a press release:

“Our internal model of time, movement, mass and space is based on a lifetime of experience, perhaps even genetically encoded. What happens when we build a new model? What happens when we bend the rules?”






The location of the Curve exhibition space at the Barbican Centre

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