Wayne McGregor | Random Dance in the Rain Room

Random Dance in the Rain Room

Wayne McGregor uses performance to highlight Random International’s ground breaking exhibition

The Rain Room is a piece of technical wizardry combined with an age-old obsession man has for controlling the weather. As users walk into the downpour, sensors monitoring your position keep you dry by stopping the rain wherever you are.

To accompany the clever rain, award winning choreographer Wayne McGregor and his team at Random Dance has created a 25-hour dance piece performed constantly inside the exhibition. The performers contort and twist as visitors stand in awe at not only the balletic movements of the people around them, but also the way machines are silently keeping them dry in a downpour.

“It’s a really visceral experience, because you’re using your body to interact with the exhibition,” explains McGregor. “It also makes you want to move your body inside it, so you’re testing the rain. The Rain Room makes you want to dance”.









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